How to Go Single Stream at Work



☐ Designate office leader or group leader for each floor

☐ Make sure to do a current garbage inventory. You will need to know the number of garbage vs recycling bins in each room/office, both public space and private

☐ The Town uses black for garbage and blue for recycling – The Single Stream logo (above) is available for download on the Darien Recycling Center Website

☐ Contact your hauler a person to person meeting to help layout the appropriate collection bins needed both inside and out

Questions for your hauler:

How many pick-ups for garbage and recycling will you now need?

What size exterior totes and or dumpsters will now be needed?

How will this affect my rate?

☐ Communicate to all cleaning services your commitment to Single Stream recycling

☐  Single Stream –  useful English and Spanish Language phrases


☐ Training of all the staff and cleaning services is the key to successful conversion
A live demonstration works to answer the most questions at once (for ex Lunch and Learn)

☐ Provide easily understood signage

☐ Each room will need both a black garage waste bin and a blue recycle bin. ALL bathroom waste is TRASH

☐ Do not line the blue bin with plastic

☐ Carefully evaluate the size of the bin in each area. Some may need to be larger or smaller

☐ Make sure that public use waste receptacles are sturdy for more wear and tear


☐ Set a date for launch

☐ Have inside collection bins clearly marked and ready for collection

☐ Have information abundantly available

☐ Remember many more items that are not SS can still be recycled at the Darien Recycling Center has an expanded list of items they are able to recycle (light bulbs, batteries, electronics, textiles & more)


☐ Be prepared to make changes and tweaks along the way

☐ Be confident! You can go GREEN!